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To Inquire about the workshop please contact:
Linda Frantz

Dates: January 18-20, 2023
Return for 2nd Session: April 19-21
One Time Registration Fee: $150.00
Curriculums will be paid for by EENT
Foundation of New Orleans
Held at LSU Health Sciences

What is SKI-HI?

The SKI-HI Model of Early Intervention Program is a proven, research- based early intervention Model Program that has been in existence since 1971 and has been revised five times and validated by the State Office of Special Education Programs three times since its inception. The SKI- HI Program implements the two volume, comprehensive SKI-HI Curriculum Manual which has been designed to provide families with information and support they need to raise their deaf or hard of hearing infant, toddler or young child. The SKI-HI Model is a companion model with the Deaf Mentor Model Program. The SKI-HI Curriculum is designed to provide the Early Intervention Provider and family flexibility to address each individual family/child’s need and give the child full access to language and a foundation that will help ensure a bright future for the family and child. The SKI-HI Basic Training Workshop will help Early Intervention Providers learn how to implement this model program and to use the SKI-HI Curriculum Manual effectively. The SKI-HI program has been successfully implemented across the US and around the world and will bring a sense of consistency to your early intervention services to deaf or hard of hearing children and their families.

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